Shanna & Caleb  Wedding

September 12th, 2020

How they met

It was Labor Day weekend three years ago. Shanna had just taken the bar exam and ended a long relationship, so she was not her best self. Caleb had just flown to Germany to see about a girl and, well, that girl did not want to see about him. 


They both had plans to be at a wedding. One of Shanna's best friends from college, Naomi, was marrying Caleb's best friend from childhood, Jacob. Before the wedding, Naomi was trying to console Shanna who was really heartbroken and stressed about the bar exam. Naomi said, "there are so many great men still out there. For example, Jacob's best friend Caleb is the greatest. I mean, not for you, I wouldn’t match you two up, but you know, there are other good people out there." 


The day before the wedding, at Oneg Shabbat, Shanna was sitting at a table with an empty chair next to her. Caleb took that empty chair and struck up a conversation. Shanna was not thrilled about making small talk with a stranger, but the conversation was easy and fun. In no time at all, we were laughing, telling stories about our families, our passions, losing track of time. That night, Shanna kept thinking about Caleb and how easy and natural it felt to be with him; how peaceful she felt in his presence. 


The next day at the wedding, we gravitated towards each other. We spent most of the night together, despite a line of female suitors who were waiting at Caleb's dinner table to introduce themselves (can you blame them?). At the end of the wedding, as people were planning afterparty celebrations, Shanna asked Caleb if he wanted to take a walk. They spent the next few hours walking through the streets of Philadelphia, as the sun began to rise - wandering, talking, getting to know each other. 


Although Shanna was living in Buffalo and Caleb was in Chicago, ever since that weekend in Philly, they have been together. It really was some kind of magic that sparked at the wedding and that spark has been with us ever since in some way, shape, or form. 


Three years later, it is with infinite joy that we welcome you to our wedding celebration. Things look different than they did when we imagined this day, but we genuinely see this as an opportunity to celebrate with all of you in new and meaningful ways in the days, weeks, and years to come. Nothing is guaranteed, and so we must do what we can to celebrate everything in all ways, always.  


All of our love, 


Shanna & Caleb