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"This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”- Casablanca-

Hi I'm Jason, the lead filmmaker at Olive & Rye!  I love watching movies, I love making movies and I want to pass that passion on to your wedding.  The keyword is filmmaker. That means I am videographer, an editor, a sound designer, and most importantly a story-teller. I started out editing  movie trailers and the one thing it has taught me is the value of storytelling. 

Olive & Rye is a family ownedbusiness that offers telling your story at a professional and fun level. We truly want to film in the most relaxing way and  let  your wedding be edited  like a poetic indie film. Our style can be summed up by a very nice compliment from one of our recent couples"JASON IS A WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER THAT FOCUSES ON THE RELATIONSHIPS,  THE PEOPLE,  AND THEIR STORY!" 


We love preserving memories and experiencing the pure joy that comes from your most important day. You are creating a new family and your wedding will undoubtedly be a beautiful story. Our goal is to film that beauty and artfully craft your story into an emotional film for your family to enjoy for years to come. 

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