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Hi I'm Jason, the lead filmmaker at Olive & Rye!  I love watching movies, I love making movies and I want to pass that passion on to your wedding. 

Olive & Rye is a business I started with my wife Erica. Our name is inspired by our daughters Olivia and Rye who remind us every day how important family is. Especially when they use me as jungle gym. We also added a new addition to our family, a golden doodle named Luna. She is literally a real life teddy bear. 

Our style can be summed up by a very nice compliment from one of our recent couples"JASON IS A WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER THAT FOCUSES ON THE RELATIONSHIPS,  THE PEOPLE,  AND THEIR STORY!"


We love preserving memories and experiencing the pure joy that comes from your most important day. You are creating a new family and your wedding will undoubtedly be a beautiful story. Our goal is to film that beauty and artfully craft your story into an emotional film for your family to enjoy for years to come. 


"This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”- Casablanca-



Favorite Film: Close encounters of the Third Kind

Favorite Food: The Good Luck Burger & Erica's sauce

Years is the biz: 12 years with a BFA at R.I.Ts Film program 

Guilty Pleasures: Actually liking the shows my kids watch. Just Add Magic is awesome!

What inspires your work: Movies! when I was kid I wanted to be a paleontologist like in Jurassic park or a cop like in Die Hard and then I realized I just wanted to make movies. 

What do you do for fun: Love riding my motorcycle and my boat when I can get them started, lol!  Hanging out with the family  


Favorite Film: Annie Hall

Favorite Food: Sushi, italian food, healthy smoothies

Years is the biz: 18 Years 

Guilty Pleasures: Chocolate anything

What inspired your work: Vintage hairstyles from the 40's

What do you do for fun: Cooking, crocheting, and family walks

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