My name is Jason, I'm the big guy up in the photo with my wife Erica and my two daughters Olivia & Riley.  We started this fun adventure of filming weddings in 2018 and haven't looked back. We simply love everything about weddings, from meeting new couples and how they celebrate family in the best ways, to the wonderful vendors we work with. 


A wedding to Erica and I means the beginning of a new family and our name is inspired by that meaning through our daughters who reminds us everyday how wonderful family can be. Family is our biggest goal when capturing a wedding. Family will tell your story in the best ways, whether through speeches and fun interactions through out the day, we discover your stories through your family and friends.


We think about the future of your film and who will watch it besides you. When we film and edit we look for key moments that help bring out who you are as a person and how you are as a couple. We want you and your new family to sit back twenty years from now and get to know you during one of the happiest days of your lives.  


We love hearing your stories and using them as inspiration to help us creatively capture moments you can enjoy for a lifetime. So please reach out and tell us your story. 


Favorite Film: Close encounters of the Third Kind

Favorite Food: The Good Luck Burger & Erica's sauce

Years is the biz: 11 Years 

Guilty Pleasures: Actually liking the shows my kids watch. Just Add Magic is awesome!

What inspired your work: When I was kid I wanted to be a paleontologist like in Jurassic park or a cop like in Die Hard and then I realized I just wanted to make movies. 

What do you do for fun: Love riding my motorcycle and my fishing boat when I can get them started, lol!



Favorite Film: Annie Hall

Favorite Food: Sushi, italian food, healthy smoothies

Years is the biz: 18 Years 

Guilty Pleasures: Chocolate anything

What inspired your work: Vintage hairstyles from the 40's

What do you do for fun: Cooking and crocheting